Welcome to my page!

      My name is Natalia and this page is about me and my two lovely sons and our our adventures in the countryside, our trips abroad and the foodie places we come across while exploring the places we go. Originally I was born in Uzbekistan, I grew up in Greece and now we live in UK. My kids are half French Guyanese and that make us a very multicultural family as we cover between us three continents. 😂

   I have studied to become a midwife and have been practising midwifery for almost 16yrs. My true love is though photography and photo editing. No wonder as both my mum and my uncle have studied arts while my father and grandfather were photographers in their days. If you would like to see more of my work please visit Woodlight Photography official page. I love creating artistic outdoors portraits and incorporate a touch of unique art into my photos.

    I also love flower fields, impressionism and coffee shops. My boys love legos, art and playing football. All of us enjoy travelling and exploring new places and countries. Hope you enjoy our adventures and feel free to drop a line to introduce yourselves.