Welcome to my page!

     My name is Natalia and I am a photographer, a blogger, a busy mom of two little boys and have worked years and years as a midwife… I own a photography studio under the name of Woodlight Photography. Photography has become my passion since my first son was born in 2011.

      Woodlight photography is a creative photography studio that specialises in outdoor children and family photography.  Newborn and baby photo sessions are also very popular  in our studio. As I love nature, fields and woodlands I like to use the wood element in my creative photo sessions.  There is a variety of original high quality products that you can choose from, from vintage frame artwork to rustic USBs.

     I really love babies, children and their families. Capturing and creating mementos since the moment they are born and following them up till they grow makes me very happy. Love being silly with them to make them giggle and creating that perfect moment that years after you will be looking back with a smile in your face.

      There is a variety of props in my studio that I have collected over the years for that special image.  Otherwise I am very keen to capture your children in a natural way with their favourite toy or outfit. Outdoor children photography sessions are the best. Children play more spontaneously and there are more chances to capture that genuine smile! I would really like to discuss your ideas for the photoshoot and get to know you so please get in touch!

For maternity and newborn sessions please contact me in advance. I will send you some tips and timings for great portrait results.

Occasionally I do weddings and other events such as christenings, birthday parties along with my partner in photography Chris Tsounis. Please contact us in advance so we can check availability.

Looking forward to meeting you