Amazing Rapeseed Fields

Amazing Rapeseed Fields

Every year I am looking forward to finding these amazing rapeseed fields.. And they keep moving.. Probably the soils needs refining..I was so lucky two years ago when I found a yellow field of rapeseed very close to home.I was so excited I kept waking up early in the morning, chasing the light for the perfect rapeseed photo. Emilio has just turned three and below is the photo I took of him while he was picking up flowers for me. Never noticed them before and never could imagine that those beautiful flowers that make up these amazing colourful fields could be produced mostly for their use in production of biodiesel.

Picking up flowers in a rapeseed field in Kent


This year on the way back from one of my wanderings with the kids I discovered some lovely rapeseed fields near Chiddingstone. So lucky also to find a nearby car park and a public footpath along these golden fields.

My little one and his teddy bear on the way to the fields.


We took Emilio’s bike and Joseph’s automobile (a vehicle I found in a car boot sale ages ago for Emilio for just 5£) and off we went to explore the footpath. Josephs’s was not in a very good mood as had just woke up so I did not managed to take a lot of photos the first day. We came though two days after.. The sun was glorious.. The colours were amazing.. The kids motivated to stroll around and picked up a couple for mummy.. Just a couple..I promise!

Watching Emilio riding his bike brought into my mind Ed Sheeran’s song “A castle on the Hill”. I grew up in an overcrowded city, in a flat looking over the neighbour’s flat across the road, with a limited amount of parks. So my heart was full of joy seeing my child running wild in the countryside. These country lanes and the sweet perfume of the grass from the song makes me always go back to these childhood memories I create hopefully for my kids…







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