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A day out with the kids at Llama Park in East Sussex

A day out with the kids at Llama Park in East Sussex

Llama park in Wych Cross in East Sussex

    Since my best friend moved to Haywards Heath we have less and less occasions to see each other.  Thus we decided to arrange one day a meet up with the kids at Llama park in Which Cross, Surrey. With work, school and other obligations I have found that it is more difficult to meet the people I love. Therefore I cherish every moment when I have the occasion to spend time with them. So Maria have been before at the Llama park and she said it will be very nice for the kids as there is a big playground. And you can feed the llamas and other animals. Something that the kids really enjoy from personal experience. Maybe because they just copy us when we try to make sure that they have eaten all their food.

    To enter the park you have to go through the gift shop. The gift shop was impressive with the variety of toys, colourful outfits for kids with unique aztec designs and also original adult giftware. As you go further you see an impressive reception room that is used for weddings and other events. Before you exit the gift shop you have the chance to grab yourself a cup of coffee to indulge in the open picnic and playground area.  The views from the top of the hill will definitely help you relax and forget about the stresses of daily life. Younger children will get excited with the wooden little houses built especially for them while older kids will try to master their balance and climbing abilities.

We spent a good hour exploring the small children’s wooden houses, chasing the kids and watching them while they had fun in the open green Llama park playground. The views were just amazing. Some of the animals were free to wander around like a proud peacock that decided to show off his beautiful feathers.

We had our snacks at the picnic tables and before we knew it the kids were up again playing in the open space. As we had bought for one pound each a pack of food for the llamas we encouraged the kids to go and feed them.. Well, actually they did not need a lot of encouragement to be honest..

Next we washed our hands and off we went to play in the buttercup fields.  A great opportunity for me to get my big lens out and get some good shots of the kids. I just love sometimes to take a step back and watch their reactions, they way the play and interact with other kids and document their moments. At the end of the day, they grow so quickly! And before I know it they will be ready to spread their wings. In addition I think my friend was very happy to have some documented moments with her kids and husband.

Visit Llama Park’s website: http://www.llamapark.co.uk

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