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A family day out in Crystal Palace

A family day out in Crystal Palace

I have discovered Crystal Palace with my eldest son first when he was two years old. Since then I have been trying to come few times a year as it has become one of my favourite places in SouthEast London. There are beautiful, unique restaurants around the High Street, a variety of Antique shops to browse for a bargain and a very beautiful park to suit all tastes. The hidden gem of Crystal Palace’s park is a little farm nested in the centre of it. I really enjoy watching my little ones faces light up with joy when they walk around the farm and feed the animals.

Sometimes when we have time we pass from the Greek orthodox Church to  lit a candle and make a prayer. The interior is amazing and overpowering. In addition, the boys have a chance to have their communion. I have also discovered a little cute kids shop few metres away. I really like small authentic shops like this one that stand out from the massive production of big stores. Me and my boys had a wander in the side streets of Crystal Palace High Street and after a short walk around Crystal Palace’s shops and a taste of chocolate at The French House we headed towards the famous park.


Joseph wanted to take his favourite Teddy for a walk in Crystal Palace. As I carry him sometimes on my shoulders he wanted to do the same with his Teddy. Of course I could not resist taking some extra photos with his Teddy. On the other hand Emilio was determined to make a video with his newly built legos. We had to find a secluded place among the trees so I can record him. Poor me still need to edit that video and post it as his dream is to become a footballer and a Utuber! 😍😂. As we headed down the path we passed from Crystal Palace’s farm and to our surprise we met some good friends. The boys were more than happy to run around the farm and feed the animals.

As always we had a great time visiting Crystal Palace park. The last photos describe the fun the boys had around the park and playing in the playground. The High Street is really upcoming with its lovely shops and restaurants and would definetely recommend it for a Sunday day out with the kids. It is not surprising that it is always bursting with little and bigger children and their parents. 

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