A family day out in London

A family day out in London

A family day out in London.. Southbank walk from London Bridge to Waterloo..

It is this time of the year that London puts on its Christmas hat with a variety of activities going on across the capital. It was my Birthday last Sunday and as we wanted to spend some family time together we decided we are gonna go for a family day out in London. Weather is starting to get cold but it was not raining so great opportunity to take advantage of.

Unfortunately Emilio was in a bad mood today as a nerve was trapped in his neck and he could not keep his head straight!! Thankfully his dad offered him his shoulder and a promise to carry him if he gets too tired. Off we went.. Of course I had to pack my camera with me.. Not to lose an opportunity to take some great photos.. In Greece we have a proverb if the weather allows.. I would say if my children allow ..lol

We had so many plans for today.. As usual we did only one out of the four.. We took the train to London Bridge for a stroll by Thames river.. It is always a winner to follow the river and go walking from London Bridge towards Waterloo.. You always find new things on display or different kind of performers who try to get your attention with their extravagant shows.


london-2-of-31 london-1-of-31

Daddy carries Emilio as promised!! Saw some nice graffiti…on purpose you might say as the owner looks like he paid someone to do it.. And a small cute coffee place where palettes¬† have been used for decoration… I can see palettes and crates are becoming more and more popular in home and shop deco.. We saw a few shops in Sevenoaks and a few more on our way to Waterloo. Even at home we have been inspired by palettes and created a wall in our living room out of palettes. Photos and post to follow..

When we are in London or in a big city I like to look for patterns to include in my photos. Here I found some bicycles that Santander bank uses to advertise on.. And of course I like to take photos of colourful and eye-catching places.

london-5-of-31 london-7-of-31london-9-of-31

As I mentioned on my instagram account my little Joseph is so sociable… He likes attention and smiley people..When we reached the pavement area of southbank, it was time for him to walk a bit… He came out of the pram and saw a group of four girls sitting aside… He went and sat next to them… and starting giving them his charming smiles.. The girls were impressed with his social skills and were giggling till we left..

He also likes to show off how strong he is.. This little one that still wears 12-18 mths clothes, although passed 2yrs old tries to push his brother on the pram!!! And tries to climb on a chair by himself…


london-25-of-31 london-11-of-31london-10-of-31




This year the Christmas market is by Tate modern museum.. Lots of stalls with crafts and food tasting. I loved the roasted chestnut stall and the hot chocolate one!! The smell of the roasted chestnuts brought me back childhood memories when we used to go with my grandmother for chestnut hunting in the woods.. We used to walk for hours..or at least that how it seemed to me.. Get them fresh from nature’s reserve in north Greece. And hot chocolate with different taste.. raspberry and marshmallows for the kids… baileys for us… Something hot to keep us warm in the cold… mmm

london-18-of-31london-16-of-31 london-17-of-31



There were not a lot of things by the Waterloo eye so we decided to head back home.. Next time will be central London and Winter Wonderland to taste some mulled wine… But here are some more photos I took on the day…What a lovely family day out we had in London!! Have a lovely day out yourselves!!





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