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Our family day out at The Hop Farm

Our family day out at The Hop Farm

One day on my way back from Hastings I saw on the road a sign for The Hop Farm. I am always curious to explore new destinations and activities for the kids so I thought that must be a good opportunity for a family day out.  So that day came eventually this Easter school break. The day was nice, slightly windy but warm enough, being mid of April. Emilio decided he wanted to take his bike with him and Joseph was more than happy to be carried around in the pram. It was too late to seek company of our other family friends so we headed on on our own.

It took me a while to find the parking entrance as it is slightly confusing being a parking A and B without a clear sign for the visitors. Well eventually we got there. We took the bike out but to our disappointment bikes are not allowed there. Nevertheless the amount of activities shown at the entrance made Emilio quickly forget about his bike. The entrance is only one pound per person and then you have to buy tokens as in a fair to use some of the children activities. Some are free. We started with the giant jumping pillows.

Here is Joseph with his teddy bear and Emilio in the background jumping on the pillows. So difficult to tell him to let go and try other activities.


And then next to the jumping pillows there was this amazing castle type outdoor playground.. For little and big explorers… Joseph could not keep his eyes away from it.. Tried to diverse him with the sandpit… no success..

As we made our way further in,we found a cafeteria with a great indoors soft play area, a 3D cinema, and plant a pot activity. We decided to try those later as this time I let the kids choose what they would like to do. So we headed towards the giant trampoline and airplanes round.

The trampoline was perfect for Emilio. They were even younger children queuing up. The secret is to keep pushing yourself up as soon as you reach the ground of trampoline which Emilio managed actually quite well.

At the end there is a farm that the kids can visit and have some pony rides. We have been recently to a farm so we continued and found another interesting activity. A mini golf and a fake petrol station!! That was absolutely free and both of them could not get enough of trying to push the ball through the different holes.

Even Mr Bear got involved.. Joseph’s teddy bear. It was fascinating that the setting of the farm was oast houses. Apparently one of the oldest ones in the area. Inside them there was a museum depicting the life of the farmers collecting hop in the early 19th century.. So interesting..

And some photos of Joseph playing at the Esso Petrol Station..


And last but not the least..the giant water bubbles… Emilio was initially apprehensive but in the end he did not want to leave..

Visit at www.thehopfarm.co.uk



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