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A visit to Lingfield and The Star Pub

A visit to Lingfield and The Star Pub

Our day out in Lingfield village and a relaxed afternoon at The Star Pub.

 Last Saturday was such a lovely day so I decided to take the kids and visit the area of Lingfield village in Surrey. I have seen a sign for a Watermill museum that I wanted to visit for a long time now so we headed there first. To my disappointment the museum was closed but nevertheless I thought it might be a great idea to stop in the historic village of Lingfield. That is how we discovered The Star pub in Lingfield. Driving around the village the old picturesque houses across the pub caught my attention and decided to go for a walk with the kids to explore the place.

We went around and saw some impressive buildings, followed the church path and walked up till the village centre. The village was simple and nice with a lot of cars passing by on the high street  so I could not enjoy a long walk with the kids. We found though a pretty jem, a very old and big tree with three entrances! Obviously my two cheeky boys did not lose the opportunity to play hide and seek. We saw some ducks in the local pond and some impressive orange and red brunches of a bush. Spring colour is coming back everywhere now. How amazing!

By the time we finished exploring Lingfield Village we got really hungry and Emilio was really keen to go the pub across the street we parked. He had spotted already the playground that was there! That time I was on a budget so I had the salmon bagel with poached eggs on top while the kids went for the sausage and cheese macaroni. My little on would eat pasta every meal if you could have his way! Had to use strict measures of conviction for the kids to leave the playground to come and order with me. 😂😂😂. A combination of nice winter weather after a long time and the alluring view of the slide made it more complicated. But we finally got to order. The interior was really impressive. I was envious of the people sitting in front of the big fireplace on a cosy red leather sofa. The staff was very friendly and helpful as well. Here are some photos I managed to take a quick snap of before heading to the area of kids fun.

We ended spending almost three hours at The Star pub in Lingfield. I was enjoying the lovely weather, the opportunity to sit outdoors and drink a hot cup of coffee. The kids made new friends while racing who is gonna ride the slide quicker. We played hide and seek in the playground. We tasted local ice cream and it was delicious. Definitely I can say that was one of the loveliest winter afternoons we had for a while. Would love to go back and taste one of their lunch or dinner menus.

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